Don't throw that away - I might need it later!

Last night I did something I hardly do any more. I sat down to watch a TV show. I was actually trying to rest my leg because the sciatica that developed because I spend way too much time in a crappy computer chair started bothering me again, but since the book I'm wanting to read is on hold at the library I turned on the telly. Something called "Hoarders" was on, a show about people who have a severe form of OCD in which they have a compulsion to keep everything that's ever come into their possession. Everything, including old Styrofoam carry-out boxes from restaurants, every piece of junk mail they've ever received, even garbage is crammed into every corner of their homes. I guess we can thank them for keeping the landfills a little more empty, but it's really sad. Not only sad but unhealthy. I'm figuring all of them have infestations of some sort, be it bugs or rodents or both. The show sends in professional doctors, therapists and cleaners and helps these poor people out. My first thought while watching was, "Dang, what a mess!" Then I think, "Thank goodness I'm not that bad." Then I think, "But could I be?" I save stuff, not because I can't throw it away, but because I really can use it later. At the time I didn't think I'd ever need a vintage pink prom dress, but boy is it coming in handy now that I need a wedding dress. My grandmother was pretty frugal. She saved stuff most people threw out. Hell, she came up with liquid soap way before any soap company did. When the bar of soap got too small to use in the bathtub, she'd take the little broken pieces and put them in an old pump bottle with some water so it could dissolve, shaking it occasionally to help it along and tah-dah, liquid soap! Of course, there's a very thick line between being practical and saving useful things and being crazy and saving everything in sight, I hope.

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