Since we've yet to decide on a honeymoon destination, I thought I'd take time here occasionally to post about some of the places we've mulled over and put on our list, so if you see a city name for my title that's what I'll be doing. Perhaps you know something about the town to which I'm referring. Any tips or suggestions, or free places to eat or stay would be appreciated. I figured I'd start with Dallas, Texas.

Jerry lived in Dallas for a while. In fact, when I was young and he moved away, that's where he went. He enjoyed his time there and knows his way around, and although I'm sure some things have changed the major roads should all still be intact (although I distinctly remember going to Dallas as an 11-year-old and again as an 18-year-old and yet again as a 21-year-old and each time they were working on the same highway). The city is big and there's lots to do. Dallas is even known as the "Entertainment Capital of the Southwest". I'm sure they came up with that name when Jerry was living there and he's part of the reason for it's nickname. The nightclubs he took me to have probably changed hands and names several times over the years, but if we're up for it I'm sure there's plenty of night life around. If this is where we decide to go, it'd be about a 12 hour drive, and if we drive we could stop in Jackson, Mississippi and Shreveport, Louisiana, although why I'm not sure - maybe a potty break. According to, there are over 500 hotels in the Dallas area, and prices range from $38 up to well over $200 a night. If we stay 5 days, that'll add up quick, but that's going to be a concern wherever we decide to go. Maybe we could stay in the West End, which has lots of things to do and is close to a lot more other things to do. I'd love to go back to the Dallas Museum of Art, but I could skip Dealey Plaza and not miss it. Aside from that, I'm open to whatever strikes our mood at the moment. I even found this website which has a list of free things to do, Maybe Jerry'd even like to arrange to meet up with some old and dear friends one evening for a casual get-together or dinner somewhere. No matter where we decide to go, if it ends up being somewhere Jerry has lived before (because several of those places are on our list), I'd love to meet his friends. I know he's loved and adored, but not by anyone nearly as much as he is by me.

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