No Pain, No Gain

I own a little machine that fits in the palm of my hand, and it's called an EpiSlim. It looks harmless enough until you start to notice the details. At the very top are these little metal butterfly shaped things. They look innocuous enough until you look closer. There must be at least 2 dozen pairs of them all around this little barrel, and this barrel spins around at a very high rate of speed when you turn the machine on. This makes the butterflies open and close, and when they reach the top of the barrel, they close together quickly, turning them into butterflies of pain. What this actually is is an epilator, or hair remover, and these butterflies are many, many pairs of fast-spinning tweezers. Yep, tweezers that spin around and rip the hair out as you glide the epilator over your skin. Just a run-of-the-mill beauty product that, had there been batteries invented back in medieval times, this would have been used as a torture device. "I don't know what I was thinking! Yes, yes, of course I'm a witch! Now will you please stop using that EpiSlim?!" If you can get past the pain, it really does work. And following the directions, if you pull your skin taut before ripping out the hair, it does hurt a bit less. I can't decide if it hurts worse or more than waxing does. It's supposed to, if you can bear to use it continually, make hair growth finer and in a less amount. So, for the sake of science I have decided to undergo an experiment. Instead of shaving under my arms I'm going to use the EpiSlim starting now and see if their claims are true. I'm thinking if I use this in combination with the new deodorant that touts "shave less often", I'll be looking smooth with no tell-tale signs of razor stubble or burn. I'll post an update if I can't tolerate the pain or all of the ad claims are bogus.

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