Something That Rings True

As the entire world knows by now, the future King of England now has an official future wife. This should be a nice distraction from all the war, bad economy and global warming that's been bothering us. I'm sure there are loads of people out there who are following every second of this event, and have already planned to Tivo the wedding so they can watch it over and over again. These are probable the same people and their children who went crazy over the wedding of Charles and Diana. If it keeps them happy and out of traffic, I'm fine with it. It is a bit everywhere at the moment, though, whenever I go to Yahoo. Prince William decided to use his mother's engagement ring so that, as he put it, she could be a part of this, too. I thought that was a lovely sentiment. It also seems like it would mean that Kate means quite a bit to him for him to want her to have his mother's ring. I told Jerry about that story, and he thought it was very sweet and sentimental. I know I'd be very flattered and touched. Seems like there's some crazies out there, though, those cynical people who can't find joy in anything. They said things like, "That's morbid" or "creepy". What?! They didn't open her grave and take the ring off her corpse, for crying out loud! This is a man who lost his mother when he was young and now is signifying that the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with is very important to him. If that's creepy, give me a creep any day.

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