Wakulla Springs

This wouldn't be a normal honeymoon destination. I started thinking about it quite by happenstance. Someone on Facebook posted a link about something called Creature Fest, which is a film festival held by the Tallahassee Film Society (I had no idea that even existed) at Wakulla Springs, Florida. Why a national park? Because that's where they filmed The Creature from the Black Lagoon. They also filmed all those old Tarzan movies starring Johnny Weissmuller there. Made me start thinking it might be a nice place to spend a couple of nights, what with the pretty hotel and the movie history. I went to the park's website and browsed. It's very pretty, and they've got nice accommodations. They even have lots of weddings out there. Curious, I sent them an email asking about prices, etc., and if they still had the Creature Fest because I didn't see it on their site. I was informed that they no longer held that film festival there, so that was disappointing. Then I got the price for wedding rentals. It was $875, and that included cleaning fees, but no food. And you had to use their catering, so there's no telling how much that would come to. Suddenly the thoughts of a romantic location with "abundant wildlife" transformed into an expensive place with lots of snakes and alligators around. Then Jerry brought up a good point, "May is mosquito season!" Nothing like plaguing all of your guests with West Nile as a wedding favor. The idea of playing Tarzan suddenly sounded more like, "Me Jerry, you crazy!"

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