Los Angeles

We've put Los Angeles on our list of places we'd like to take our honeymoon. Jerry lived there for quite a while and loves it. I wouldn't mind doing cheesy touristy stuff, like checking out the Walk of Fame, seeing Grauman's Theater, going to see the Hollywood sign. When I was a little kid I always wanted to go to the Brown Derby; I think I was intrigued by the look of a building shaped like a hat. Maybe we could do a studio tour and get on a game show. It'd be great to make enough winnings that our trip would be free! I think, though, that I'd rather get a tour of Jerry's LA, see where he used to live, enjoyed shopping, eating, or just hanging out, and meet any friends who didn't make it to the wedding. They should be warned, though, we will be expecting gifts from anyone who didn't come to the wedding but was invited. They can take us out to dinner if that'd be easier. If that's where we decide to go, I think we'll have to do some fast talking to keep the girls from throwing fits. They really want to go there, but I really don't want to take them on our honeymoon.

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