They're not all chick flicks

Jerry and I were discussing blog topics the other evening and he suggested I post some clips of movies that were about weddings or had weddings in them. We started naming off some films and I realized I haven't really seen a lot of wedding movies. No, they're out there, I just didn't see them. So, I'll try to do my best here to remember some of the ones we listed. Maybe it's something you've seen a long time ago and are reminded of how much you enjoyed it, or maybe it's something you'd like to see. Just because there's a wedding involved doesn't mean necessarily that the movie is a romantic comedy or is even pro-wedding. Something like "The Graduate", for example, has a wedding at the end but it wasn't something the not-even-out-of-college couple wanted. Hope I didn't spoil that for anyone, but seriously if you've watched any major movie awards show in the past 30 years you've seen the clip of Dustin Hoffman desperately trying to get into the church to stop the wedding.

There's also "Sixteen Candles", one of my favorites. It's about a girl whose family forgets her birthday because her sister's getting married the day after and the entire household in in chaos. You can scroll down a few blogs previously and watch that clip. "Four Weddings and a Funeral" is great British comedy.

Then there were those couple of movies where Julia Roberts got into a wedding thing and made "Runaway Bride" (which I never saw) and "
My Best Friend's Wedding
" (which I also never saw but Jerry says is very good).

I did see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", which was good, as well as "The Wedding Singer" - typical Adam Sandler movie but set in the '80s. I just don't remember a single girl back in those days having that hairstyle Drew Barrymore was sporting. There's also "American Wedding", which is part of the "American Pie" collection of movies. If it's anything like the first movie, it'll be pretty raunchy, so just be warned. If you're looking for a musical, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" should fit the bill. I really liked "Kill Bill", although it's not a standard wedding movie. Uma Thurman's character is called "The Bride", though, and there is a wedding scene. How about "The Bride of Frankenstein"? Was there really a wedding in that movie? I think that's false advertising. "Wedding Crashers" is also funny. I think there's something in this collection for just about everyone. It is by no means a complete list, but maybe enough to get you in the wedding mood.

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