Did a memo go out?

It seems like anyone who was some sort of celebrity chose last weekend to announce their engagement. I mean anyone - from the dude who was dumped by LeeAnn Rimes (see my last blog) to Prince William, everyone tried to grab their little bit of spotlight. I think first came the ex-Mr. Rimes. Headlines read sappy stuff like, "Hearts Can Heal". Then he was overshadowed by Nick Lachey, former husband of Jessica Simpson. He used to be the more famous one, and her father made him get a prenup when they got married. Turned out she became more rich and famous than he was and he got a nice bit of walking away money. Really, though, he does deserve it. How long can you be expected to stay with someone who doesn't know the difference between tuna and chicken and then sleeps with one of the guys from Jackass? Then his thunder was stolen by none other than his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson. Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, they were all eclipsed in the happy announcements by the future King of England. Nobody even bothered trying to top that one.

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