Turn of a Phrase

I started thinking about all the things people call their spouse. I guess they've been around forever. These are expressions people use when talking about the person they've married to another person. I remember being around 8 years old and my mom and dad were dressed up to go somewhere and one of my dad's friends said, "Your old lady looks nice." I got mad at the guy and said, "She's not old!" Really, she wasn't even 30, so I was right. I think that's a throw-back from the hippie days, if I'm not mistaken, to call someone your "old lady" or "old man". What a nice way to be described. Better than "ball and chain", though, as though you're shackled to this other person like a prisoner and they hold you down to keep you from escaping. I'm also guessing "main squeeze" came from around the same time as "old lady". But I think main implies there are other, minor squeezes, so that's not very good. Then there's "little woman". While it's true I'm smaller than Jerry, I just can't imagine him introducing me to anyone as "the little woman". I guess I'm linking the word little with small and insignificant instead of just a wee person (which, I'm not that small). Shortcut internet writing and texting has come up with a newer expression, "DH", which stands for darling husband. That's very sweet, as long as people know you mean your spouse and not a designated hitter. Texting shortcuts have also lead to "SO", meaning significant other. Again, if you've got a significant, are there others who aren't as significant? "My better half" is sweet, and I just read that expression has been around since the 1500's. That's nice to hear, especially since I imagine you didn't have a lot of say in who you married back then. What's wrong with "husband" or "wife"? I like it. Straight and to the point. I suppose I'll use it in a sentence when I introduce him, "This is my husband Jerry." That has a nice ring to it.

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