Hearts on a String

I had a very hectic day yesterday, and still feel a bit worn out because of it today. Therefore, not much to blog about I'm afraid. Jerry's feeling bad again, Marilyn isn't any better, Erin's having another one of her horrendous sinus headaches and I feel like I'm coming down with something myself. Hopefully we'll all be feeling better soon. I hate it when someone I love feels poorly and I'm helpless to do anything about it. It breaks my heart. Speaking of hearts, if I can get my butt in gear after work today, I plan on shooting some pictures for another how-to. This was was inspired by some decorations I saw on made of paper (which I'm thinking would be good for the wedding, too). They're paper hearts made out of strips of paper, bent and stapled then hung on a string and are really cute. I know it sounds stupid, but they look neat. I took that idea and made a heart out of ribbon. I'll confess at first I noticed I had the ribbon backwards, then I noticed I had them in the wrong order (they are of varying lengths). When I figured out the basics, it turned out really cute. Now I can have some hearts in my bouquet!

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