Meats and cheeses, Mary, I feel awful!

Found the perfect way to wrap up a holiday weekend - food poisoning! Mom wanted to get out and do a little shopping, and she knew the girls were stir crazy, so we decided to head to Tallahassee. The mall was really crowded, but not uncomfortably so. I found one present there, for the boyfriend of the girl who lived with mom for a year while she finished high school (long story) and who still comes by and stays the night sometimes when she's back in town. She's very sweet, and her poor boyfriend was recently fired from Wal-Mart. Seems this has been happening quite a bit with their full time employees lately. They're still hiring, but only part time workers now. "We save money by not giving our employees benefits and pretend we pass those savings on to you!" That could be their next ad campaign! After mall shopping we were hungry and decided to head across town to a nice restaurant that made gourmet hamburgers. They were very good; I split one with mom and the girls split one. Afterwards we went to TJ Maxx where I was able to wrap up my Christmas shopping. I felt fine until we'd been home about an hour and a half. I was on the phone with Jerry when I asked him how long it takes to get food poisoning. I felt chills and feverish in turns and had waves of nausea. I took some Pepto but still felt bad. I talked to mom a bit later and she was feeling bad as well, so it had to be something we ate. Could have been the burger, but she likes it cooked to within an inch of it's life and the girls had theirs much more undercooked (my kids are vampires - they love blood). The only thing we had that was different was some avocado. It tasted fine, but you never know what kind of germs raw food is going to pick up in a restaurant kitchen. I brushed my teeth and hit the bed, and this morning seem to be alright. What a great way to start my work week!

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