"Of course I friggin' love you, you idiot!"

There's yet another oh-my-god-if-this-is-reality-please-let-me-live-in-a-fantasy-world shows now on TV called "My Big Friggin' Wedding". Lovely title, just lovely. I wasn't really paying attention to it, but Erin was. If it's something foreign to her, she's gonna watch. Here's her synopsis: These are some people from New Jersey who are getting married. Some of them are rich and most of the girls are pregnant. Wow, you mean you can have a wedding show and a baby show at the same time? Marketing genius! Any time I'd catch a glimpse of it there'd be a couple talking about how expensive their wedding was going to be and how annoyed their fiance made them. Who wouldn't want a lifetime in a relationship like that? One part I did catch was a couple going to get their wedding dates tattooed on their inner wrists. It was in roman numerals, so it was classy. Ladies first, so she's in the chair getting all inked up and the groom-to-be is bored, so he tells her he's going across the street for a beer. She's very upset, "I thought our wedding date tattoos were something we were gonna do together, and he's not even here. He makes me so mad, and if he thinks I'm gonna hang around while he gets his done he's wrong." So, not even married and he bails on her when he's bored. Then he comes back and it's his turn. She does hang around, but is pouty about it. She asks him if the tattoo hurts, sounding as if she'd like it to. "Nah, it's just annoying, like you," he says. What a keeper, honey! Don't let this guy get away! When he's cheating on her in a couple of years because he's bored, I'm sure she'll be totally surprised. All of these couples seemed to act about the same. They didn't seem like they liked, much less loved, each other. Seems to me they're signing up for a lifetime of arguing and despising someone. I can't imagine if Jerry and I had that kind of relationship. All we want is for the other to be happy. Neither one of us likes conflict. We're much more likely to sit down and discuss something than to almost come to blows with one another. That's why we'll probably never get a reality show of our own.

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