San Francisco

It's where Tony Bennett left his heart, but if we go there I don't think I'd care to spend our precious time trying to find it for him. I'd rather do fun stuff like visit the Fisherman's Wharf, ride cable cars, maybe see the Painted Ladies (these are houses, not hookers), go to Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, and eat some fantastic food. I read once that if everyone who lived in San Fran decided to go out to eat at the same time on the same night, there are enough restaurants there that everyone could have a seat. Jerry used to live there, so I think it'd be fun to go walking around with him and see the sights, let him take me to his favorite places. I've never been there before. It would be a long plane ride, but once we got to the hotel, we wouldn't have to rent a car because they've got great public transportation. And, even though we'd be there at the end of May/beginning of June, Jerry says the weather is mild there and it won't be hot. Me being someone who starts to get a chill around 70 degrees will be sure to pack a sweater or 2 if that's our destination. Another plus is that San Francisco isn't one of the places my girls are dying to visit, so they wouldn't be begging to tag along. If we decided to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal we'd never hear the end of it.

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