Don't Stress Over the Dress

Alright, I don't know if this is exactly the first thing I should be thinking about, but what female doesn't like to look at dresses? I'm sure there are some out there, but since they can't relate they can just skip over this part. I want a pretty dress. Doesn't have to be white, doesn't have to be new, just pretty. Searched all over ebay with key words like wedding dress, cocktail dress, party dress. Lots of good hits, but nothing exactly like what I want. Moved on to etsy.com, which is a place I love. If you've yet to visit there, stroll on over. It's such a creative place, whether you want something handmade or something vintage. I decided to look for a vintage dress, 1950's style. Saw some beautiful options, and compared to standard retail wedding gowns, this place has bargain basement prices. That's when I came across the name Emma Domb. Why was that ringing a bell? I'd heard that name before, but where? Think, Jessica....oh! I own an Emma Domb dress; two, actually. Where were they? In one of those storage bags you throw your clothes into and use a vacuum to suck out all the air, that's where. The one on etsy was $250, not bad. But, several years ago I was in a junk shop and opened up a stuck wardrobe. "How much for these old dresses?" I shouted across the store. "What dresses?" was yelled back at me. "These 2 old dresses in the wardrobe!" The store owner wanders over. Does he know how great these dresses are? When he tells me, "How about $5?", I know he has no idea. I pounce. Got 2 Emma Domb dresses for $5 - score! Now I can actually use one, because although one is a fantastic red with gold accents, the other is a soft, pale pink covered with rows of tulle. Tried it on, fit great! So, my frugal wedding is off to a great start - wedding gown for $2.50!! Gonna take it from floor length to tea length, but since I sew that will cost me zero dollars. (Yes, that's me in the dress before any kind of modification).


Getting Personal (well, just a tiny bit)

I guess now's as good a time as any to fill in some personal blanks here. I'm not a traditionalist, so I'm not looking for that big church wedding with the meringue-inspired heap of a wedding dress. I'm trying to do something that's personal and represents me and the man I love. This also isn't the first wedding for either of us. That being said doesn't make this event less important than the first time around. In fact, this wedding is even more important than those others. We feel we've learned from the past relationships and now know what we want. It also helps that we've known each other forever, even before the people we "learned from". We have nothing but respect for each other, and want nothing more in life than for each other to be happy. We're grown-ups.


I Do - I Will!

I've been asked by the man I've loved for most of my life to marry him! Strangely, although I've always dreamed of marrying him, I've never visualized the wedding. I know! Doesn't every woman, since she was a little girl, fantasize about every little aspect? Doesn't she have a scrapbook full of pictures, ideas, drawings, guest lists with girls' names crossed off in crayon after a playground fight, the perfect dress, the venue, a detailed list of music to play and not to play, bridesmaids and dress styles guaranteed to make them not look as good as the bride? Cost doesn't matter, of course, because Daddy's footing the entire bill. Well, I guess I'm backwards. Whereas these ladies fill in all the little details and leave one little blank for the groom, I've got the man I've always wanted to marry but not one wedding detail.