Any regrets?

Got an email from theknot.com, and their newsletter had a little article about wedding regrets - things that you did or didn't do that you wished you had. It was pretty short, and then at the bottom were about 3 dozen responses from readers telling what they would if given the chance do over. Amazingly, it really came down to 4 complaints: Trusting my vendors too much, not talking with the photographer about what kind of photos we wanted, dancing too much or not enough, and mingling with guests and not spending enough time with the new spouse. I can check the first item off the list as I don't have any vendors - no wedding planner, no caterer, no florist, no hired DJ. Whew, that's a load off! As for the photographer, I guess that's something we'll have to talk about. Surely someone in my family likes to take pictures (besides Erin). We could set up the video camera and record the actual ceremony. One of the brides said she regretted not recording the ceremony because the day was such a big blur to her. Maybe I could do a trade-off with Catina (remember, my sister's friend who's getting married June 11th). She's got a nice camera and probably would do a good job. Or we could ask everyone who's brought a camera to email us what they shot and we could put together an album that way. I'll talk with Jerry and see what he thinks and if he's got any ideas. As for dancing, we'll dance and try to make a good balance between the dancing and the visiting with people. Obviously, there will be people attending who have come a long way and it would be rude not to spend time with them. Finally, I feel like we won't be separated too much during this wonderful event; he's the man I want to spend all of my time with. There was one other thing a couple of ladies admitted to, and that was being unable to sleep the night before due to excitement and nerves. They both regreted not taking a sleeping tablet when they went to bed. I don't want to medicate - anyone who's seen "Sixteen Candles" knows how that turns out. http://artofjessica.blogspot.com/

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