How To Make a Ribbon Heart

The first photo above is the finished product - A 3-layered heart made of strips of ribbons. Very easy and very inexpensive, which are 2 things I like!

Cut 6 pieces of ribbon, 2 each of the same length, short, medium and long, if you will. The longer they are, the bigger the heart will be. I'd say my shortest pieces were 2 inches, then 2-1/2 inches, then 3 inches long.

Next, line the bottoms of the ribbons up evenly, making sure the shiny sides (if there are any) are facing towards the center, putting the 2 longest pieces in the center, then the mid sized ones and then ending up with the shortest pieces on the outside.

Now just fold over the tops of the ribbon and line them up with the bottom you're already holding, as in this picture. Once all the ribbons are folded over, it'll look like a heart. You can staple it, as the person who made them out of paper did, or sew it together. Then just wrap floral wire around the end and twist (see my instructions for coffee filter flowers), making your heart flower! It may be kind of cute to have several of these sticking out above the rest of the bouquet so everyone can be sure and see them.

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