Proposal Perspectives

I just finished surfing around the internet, reading one story, then linking to another. Started out reading about different changes you can expect your first year of marriage. Pretty basic stuff - some of your friends will drift away, you won't feel like you've got any more money, you'll gain weight. The next story was called "What Makes a Man Propose". It was kinda unintentionally funny, because it started out talking about those Chilean miners who when they got freed from their underground prison finally decided to ask their girlfriends to marry them. It took a near death experience before they could commit, I guess. One of them had been dating his girlfriend for 10 years. I can just imagine if this girl had been waiting and waiting for him to ask her to marry him. "I'm glad he got stuck down there for a while. He finally came to his senses." Wonder if that's going to give girls desparate to marry the idea that if she locks her man up for a month or so in a dark cave he'll finally come around and propose. I hope not, although it may be better than the standard, "I'm pregnant, we have to get married" route. I've known several guys who told me they got engaged because the girl just happened to be around all the time and just wore them down, or she gave them an ultimatum. Sweet! Ladies, do you really want to marry some guy who doesn't want to ask you of his own free will? I much prefer the reason I've only heard from one man - he loves her more than anything and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Who is this romantic angel? Jerry, of course!

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