Wish I could sleep like a baby....

At this point I'd happily settle for short 2 hour bursts of sleeping following by being hungry when I wake up (although I can do without the accompanying wet diaper). I'm going to try to function on maybe 2 hours of sleep today. I don't know why, but I just didn't get any rest last night. I'd lie there awake, trying to count sheep. Didn't work. Then I tried what always works, I play Brahm's Lullaby in my head over and over until I nod off. No dice. Time just seemed to drag. What's going on? I was certainly tired when I went to bed. I don't feel any more stressed than usual. I'd like to go ahead and get my workday over with so I can maybe catch a nap, but it looks like there's no work available again this morning, which means I'll have to make up the missed work later in the day. Nothing like having a 12-hour long 8-hour work day. On the positive side, at least it's Wednesday, which means only 2 more work days until I'm off. In the middle of working I sure feel like I could easily drift off to sleep. Maybe tonight I'll lie in bed and pretend I'm working.

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