Who are we, Bonnie and Clyde?

Yet another item has been added to the things I never thought about as part of a wedding - the getaway car. Did you know about this? Okay, I did know the newly married couple drove away afterwards but that's about as far as my thoughts went on this subject. Maybe my trouble was the name I hadn't heard before. "Getaway car" seems like you've just robbed a bank. What made me start thinking about it is, you guessed it, those damned wedding shows. Actually, just one in particular because none of the other shows covers that part of the ceremony. And now that I think about it, only one episode of that series showed the getaway cars, I guess because these girls went all out and rented some expensive automobiles. Yep, it was "4 Weddings" again. All of them oohed and aahed over the others' modes of transportation. What are they so impressed with, this person's taste in cars? Maybe their good credit on being able to rent such a vehicle? It's a mystery to me, but then again I've never been much of a car person. Jerry's not big into flashy cars, either. That doesn't mean we're going to rent a horse and carriage, though. No Cinderella fantasies here. If we decide on a honeymoon location within driving distance, maybe we'll rent a car and drive to our destination - a regular car, though, not a Ferrari. Besides, I doubt there's a place anywhere remotely near here that has those available to rent if we wanted one. I can just imagine us trying to get into that low, small car. It'd be like a couple of circus performers trying to get into their clown car, Jerry with his wonderful height and me with that voluminous dress. We'd have to be bent, folded, shoved and tucked into that sucker so we'd fit. At that point the only thing we'd be wanting to get away from would be the car.