Where's the funeral?

I just found out there's a new show on TV about weddings. Erin was watching it yesterday - I think it was a marathon because they just kept coming on, one after another. It was called "Four Weddings". Here's the premise. Take 4 brides that don't know each other. They all get to go to each others' weddings and then they rate them and the bride with the highest score gets a free fantastic honeymoon. They throw in some safety measures so that one bride isn't low-balling everyone else so she can win. These ladies have to judge on the dress, the venue, the food and the experience. So, is this what guests expect when they go to a wedding? Do they sit around and say things like, "Oh, that dress isn't what I'd wear at all, but it looks wonderful on her." Nothing quite like a backhanded compliment. All of these things are supposed to be a personal reflection of the couple, aren't they? Okay, except for the food - bad food is bad and there's no way around that, although one bride was Indian and so of course she served Indian food. One of the other brides just didn't like it because she said she was a carnivore and there was no meat. In my house we call that being a picky eater. I thought maybe there'd be some good ideas for wedding and reception planning, but it seemed for the most part all of these ladies had crazy budgets and were very over the top. I believe one woman spent $150,000 on her wedding. And, of course, she also won the contest so she got the free honeymoon. Does someone that frivolous deserve a free vacation? Not in my book. I think the least amount a couple spent on their wedding was $20,000. Do they save up forever or do they just go into debt? After watching several episodes I decided none of these brides would give me high scores for anything except the food. That's okay, though, because our wedding isn't about 3 strangers coming in and criticizing people they don't know. Their opinions don't matter. As long as Jerry and I are happy and our friends and family have a good time, we're the real winners. No contest.

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