I need a vacation!

Sometimes I just feel completely worn out and tired. Like a lot of people I hear about, I work too hard and go too long without any time off. That's not good for the body, much less the soul. I get 10 whole days of vacation time a year, so I try to hoard them like a miser. At least at this particular job they roll over into the next year. The last place I worked you had to use them before the end of the year or forfeit them. That was stupid, because they had a lot of people taking their mandatory vacation at the same time. Oh, well, I'm not in charge of that company so it doesn't matter. Besides, if I was I wouldn't have let such a hard worker like me go in favor of outsourcing the work to India. I didn't get fired, I quit when they cut my pay 30%. I told them if they could get my bills cut 30% I'd stay, otherwise I'd have to find work somewhere else. The line of work I'm in, as I've said before, you get paid by the line, so the more lines you type the more you get paid. I'm fast, so I do the amount of work of at least 2 regular people. I even explained to them how they should bump my pay back up to where it was - they should think about how when one person does the work of 2, they save on health insurance and other benefits they pay out. They just didn't care. I'm at a much better work place now. Funny thing is, now I get emails from the former employer asking me to come work for them. Guess that outsourcing didn't work out too well. I can't imagine someone who has English as a second language being able to understand what the hell some of these doctors I transcribe are half-attempting to say. They talk while eating a meal or rolling a piece of hard candy around in their mouth and clicking it against teeth with their tongues. They continue to talk while yawning or burping or coughing. They can't pronounce some of the medications their patients take and then they rush through dictation as fast as they possibly can because they aren't getting paid to sit down and dictate. So, with my personal experience I don't hold doctors up to the same god-like image that they do themselves sometimes. Back to needing time off. I actually broke down and took Thanksgiving Day off this year. I usually try and work the holidays (when you do medical type work, no day is a holiday) because the pay is good. Luckily this year both Christmas and New Year's Day fall on a day I'd be off anyway, so I'll be getting paid holiday time and not even working. Yay! I'm trying to save the rest of my vacation time for our honeymoon. We've been talking about lots of different places we'd like to go and haven't decided yet. I like the idea of San Francisco, where there's lots to see and do and you don't even need to rent a car. But then again, I like the idea of every other place we've talked about as well. We'll figure it out, and in the meantime I can just daydream and take a vacation in my head.

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