Going Green

I had to go to the craft store yesterday to pick up stuff Wal-Mart has decided it doesn't have to carry anymore. Guess there's not enough profit in glue sticks for hot glue guns anymore. I remembered Jerry mentioning he really loved the color lime green once while we were watching TV. Since I was already there, I decided to browse the ribbon section. Of course, that had to be the aisle where 2 rather large women decided to have a discussion about how this particular craft store never has what they want. I guess it made them feel better to stand there and talk about it amongst themselves as opposed to asking the manager if he would order the items they like and have a more enjoyable shopping experience. I found a dusky green and an emerald green immediately, but had to squeeze behind these ladies on my search for the lime green ribbon. I found it in grosgrain and decided to go with that. When I got home I couldn't wait to work on my flowers again, so I pulled the emptied Slim Jim can out. Yes, I have my bouquet standing in a Slim Jim can - it's the world's best hillbilly vase! I've discovered that the wires do tend to get tangled. I pulled out a ribbon flower and cut a piece of lime green ribbon, threading it up the wire and twisting it into place. Wow, that color looks great with the other colors! I'm not going to overdo it, just a shock of green here and there should be all I need. Once I got all the button flowers, and the felt flowers, and the ribbon flowers and the tissue paper and coffee filter flowers untangled, I decided to count them. I've made 99 individual flowers! I've got one more bag of wires, so I guess I'll make those into flowers, too, since I've still got ribbon and tissue. I even got some free tissue when I had to get Erin some silly things from a costume store for Homecoming week - they wrap their things in black tissue, so I just asked for some and the salesgirl put several sheets in my shopping bag. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

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