Letter Perfect

Work for me is going to be going rather slowly for the next several weeks. Unfortunately, several of the conglomerates that own bunches of hospitals have decided to save money and go with a company that does outsourcing overseas. They'll be back when their precious doctors complain about all the errors in their reports, but that could be a year since they've signed a contract. On top of that, we're changing computer systems because the one I use is just plain bad. That'll be good, it's just the training and learning all the new shortcuts that will be slowing me down for several weeks until I get the hang of it. Nothing like a bunch of stuff to slow me down and affect my pay right before the holidays. And don't worry, we've got another contract with another hospital system that's bigger than the one we're losing, but it doesn't begin for another month. At least this is temporary, and my kids are too big to believe in Santa anymore. And I don't have to sit at my computer for 10 hours trying to get in 8 hours of work. It's stressful but I'm trying to stay positive. With all this free time my mind can wander around in Weddingland a little longer. For some reason it went off on a tangent and I came up with a totally different idea for our save the date cards. I ran it by Jerry first, of course, and he loves it, too! I hope we can manage to get it to turn out as good as it looks in my head. The font I want to use is, of course, something that isn't standard in the fonts that came with my computer. Wish I collected fonts like Jerry's friend Aaron does. I have a feeling you can't browse flea markets for those things. Since I didn't have the font available, I've decided to take the few letters of it from the logo I like and just draw the rest of the alphabet in my Paint program and piece the words together bit by bit. Labor intensive, yes, but since I've got hardly any work to do right now, it'll keep me busy in between the long wait for jobs to come over my computer from work. What am I still sitting her blogging for, I've got a font to make!

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