I'd say I slept wrong...

except I hardly slept. Again. I don't want this to become a habit. Only slept once for a bit, I think, and then I had a bad dream. Now it seems my shoulder's out of whack. I can't imagine I did something strenuous. Maybe just all the work I've had to make up lately. Wonder how much a 3-hour massage would cost - probably more than I'll make with all that work I just did. Maybe I can rest it - oops, no, can't today. Got 1 more hour to make up from having to take Marilyn to the doctor Wednesday, and on top of that there's a mandatory conference call. Apparently we're losing some clients. That's nice, just in time for the holidays. Nothing like less work to do. We're apparently getting some new ones, though, so that's good. Probably not until after the slowdown left by the absence of these other facilities, though. I'll stop complaining now and talk about something wedding related. Since I couldn't sleep this morning I broke out the paper plate and my paints and painted my new artificial flowers, all 88 of them. Yes, I counted. I did that special math where you see how many flowers are on one plastic branch and multiplied it by the number of branches. They dry very quickly with the acrylic paint, so they're ready to be sewn on the dress. I'd hold the phone on my shoulder while I sew them on during the conference call if my shoulder wasn't hurting. Dang! My goal is to get them all on the dress today. I'm positive now it will be plenty of flowers to fill in the bodice completely. Once that's done my dress will be completed. Yay!

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