How To - Coffee Filter Flower

Going to try my hand at something new here - instructions! This is for a paper flower made from coffee filters. I'm pretty sure you can get about 200 filters for $1 or so, and a set of 24 wires costs $1 at Wal Mart (yes, they went up in price - when I first started making these flowers a few months ago they were only 77 cents - "Always a sneaky price increase - always"). With my math skills, I figure you can get 24 flowers out of that with a few filters left over for coffee. Yes, I know you could have actually gotten 25 flowers, but you only have 24 wires. Here are the simple steps to making your own flowers.

Step 1: Stack all 8 of the coffee filters together.

Step 2: Fold the filters in an accordion-like pattern (remember making paper fans as a kid? Just like that). The smaller your folds, the more petals you'll have.

Step 3: Find the middle of your wire and place it in the center of your folded filters. Twist tightly to hold the filters in place and then keep twisting until the wire is twisted all the way to the end.

Step 4: Shape the ends of the filters. A curved cut will give a soft look like a carnation, sharper cuts will make more of a dahlia look. On this particular flower I cut sharp edges and then cut down the center for a more interesting look.

Step 5: Open the folded filters back up.

Step 6: Separate the filter layers, pulling them apart to make the flower petals. A good thing about filters is they are much tougher than tissue paper, which you can use to make flowers in the same way, only cut squares instead of the circular filter shape to start out with.

Step 7: Fluff until you like the way the flower looks.

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