We're not all mad here.

I got the greatest compliment from a person who rarely doles them out yesterday. Erin tried on her complete Halloween costume for the first time, stepped out to show me and said, "This is way better than anybody else's I've seen on the internet." Yay! I was able to make what she envisioned a Cheshire cat a la Cosplay would look like into something suitable for a 12-year-old to wear and still think she looked cool. The makeup is going to be something else entirely, I have a feeling. I suppose I'll post a picture of the girls here on the official day of dressing up and collecting candy. I encourage my girls to trick-or-treat as long as they feel comfortable doing it. They put a lot of effort into their costume idea, and it's something fun and safe for them to do. Nothing bad, nothing sinister, just fun. And it seems there's just not as much of that to go around as there used to be. Last year I wore a black wig and little devil horns while I walked around the neighborhood with the girls and their friends. We crossed paths with a couple with a small kid in a stroller. The guy had the nerve to ask me, "Aren't you too old for dressing up?" I shot back, "Aren't you too young not to?" Reminded me of when I was 12 and my friend Laura (she of the fabulous fingernails) and I went trick-or-treating together. She dressed like an angel and I dressed like a devil (is there a theme here?). We went all over the neighborhood and were out for hours. One of the last places we went to the man who answered the door asked us if we weren't too old for trick-or-treating. We told him no, we were only 12. I'm sure we didn't look grown. I think grown ups should let kids be kids for as long as they like. He probably didn't think any more about that statement, but it stuck with me. That's probably why I'll let my girls continue to do it for as long as they like. That, and it makes me smile.

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