Dearly Beloved....

We are gathered here today to get through this thing called life. No, wait, that's a Prince song. Jerry and I've decided to ask someone we know to officiate our wedding - his friend Jerome. Yes, Jerome the Elvis tribute artist. I think it's a good idea. At least this way we know it won't be someone stuffy and over-formal. I guess our only problem is that he isn't an ordained minister, as the state in which we live requires a person officiating a wedding to be. Either that, or a judge. We soon solved that, though. It's way easier to get someone ordained than a judgeship, so that's the route we took. I did an internet search, read up on it and found the website They offer a free online ordainment. They even have a section that tells you if it's legal to use someone with their ordination to perform a wedding in your state. Apparently it's harder in a commonwealth, like Virginia, to have just anyone perform a wedding ceremony. Glad that's not where we live. I double-checked, though, and called the county in which we're getting married. The clerk told me they don't ask where the ordination comes from, but the minister does need to put his information on the paperwork. Then she gave me the number of the lady in control of processing all the marriage license paperwork through the state. Talking to the person at the top is always the best idea. She said they've had them come through before and it doesn't matter where they were licensed, as long as they were. Problem solved, unlike quite a few couples in Virginia who several decades ago thought they were "making it legal" with a preacher Jerry and Jerome know who wasn't "approved", only to find out more recently they've been living in sin this entire time. And think of their children - those poor bastards!

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