Is wedding fever contagious, like yawning or disco fever?

I'm starting to wonder about it. My sister's oldest and dearest friend in the world, Catina, sent me a FaceBook message asking if I'd ever thought about doing wedding photography. I half-jokingly told her I actually had thought of it before, but one viewing of "Bridezillas" and that idea got dropped fast. I can't imagine someone blaming me for ruining their special day. I thought maybe she was just asking me a general question because she knows how artistic I am, and how I can do just about anything, and has seen my wonderful photography, but no. Her little sister is getting married and she was looking for someone she knew and trusted to do it on the cheap. Not that I blame her - being thrifty is always a good idea. I told her to let me shoot some engagement pictures and see if her sister even liked what I did, that way there's no pressure (for her or me because frankly I don't know if I can or will do it). Catina even offered to let me use her camera, which suits me just fine as it'll save wear on my own. Apparently digital cameras can only take so many pictures before they fizzle out. After that conversation we kept messaging...has she set a date? What are her colors? I sent Catina over to, and she was thrilled! Then we started talking about flowers and I emailed her a picture of my button bouquet, which she also loved. And little entrepreneur Erin chimed in, "Tell her to look at those cake toppers. I can make her one if she wants." Unfortunately she wants a silver monogram and not a cute little Sculpey animal couple, so Erin lost out on that potential job. Always thinking, though, that kid. Catina just got married herself a little over 2 years ago, but now that her sister's engaged I think she's caught another round of wedding fever.

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