The Dark Side

Boy, am I glad yesterday's finally over! I think it would be quicker to just name off the things that went right yesterday as opposed to listing all the bad things that happened. Going to try not to dwell on things and remember that today's a new day. It had better start picking up soon, though - there's no work again this morning. This weekend I went over to the dark side, but not like Darth Vader. I've changed my hair color. It still has plenty of red in it - I don't think there's a way to ever get rid of it all - it's just a dark brown now with lots of red undertones. I like it, but I think it will take some getting used to. Even Erin said she liked it, and I was really afraid she was going to say she didn't because I didn't look like Phoenix from X-Men anymore. I had Marilyn try on both bridesmaids dresses Saturday while Erin was at her school dance. I know they were a bigger size than the girls are, but they weren't nearly as large as I thought they would be. It won't take much altering at all, thank goodness. It was also a nice bonus that she said she still liked them when I pulled them out of the back of the closet. And we held the shoes up next to them and even though they are darker, they still match. At least Saturday went well.

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