It's a good thing?

Every day in my email there's always something waiting for me. One of Martha Stewart's upper level minions has the responsibility of coming up with a new idea every single day, even Saturday and Sunday. I figure she's an upper level minion because Martha lets her take credit for her idea. Her name is Darcy, and she gets to put her picture on her email as well. She must be super creative. I wonder if she's always loved weddings and is constantly inspired by every little thing she sees or if she took this job even though it had nothing to do with her degree because they had an opening and she needed health insurance. When I worked at a hospital folks found out I did portraits, so around Christmas time I'd get commissions and deliver them at work. Almost every time someone would see my drawing they'd ask me why I didn't open a shop and just do portraits. My answer was always the same, "It isn't steady income and doesn't come with health insurance." I'd rather use it as a secondary income so that it wasn't something I had to do every day - my hand would cramp up and fall off if I drew 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I also wonder if I'd get burn-out like so many nurses and air traffic controllers do. I also couldn't use my sad little joke when someone asks me what I do for a living, "Well, I have a BS in Studio Arts, so of course I'm a medical transcriptionist." Marilyn's got her mind set on getting a degree in biomedical engineering, so I'm guessing she'll eventually end up working for Martha Stewart.

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