Drawing Conclusions

My brother-in-law Joe asked me to draw a picture of his father's old hardware store for a Christmas gift. Of course, I said yes because he gets a present to give to someone and I get money to use for Christmas. Sure do wish it was something other than a building. I've never gotten into architectural drawing. I much prefer the organic flow of natural things, like flowers or people's faces. I've even gotten away from drawing altogether lately in favor of painting. Maybe I've moved to another stage in my artistic life - much like Picasso's famous "blue period". Or rather, nothing at all like Picasso's "blue period", because I am not an abstract expressionist or a cubist or even someone just prone to painting two eyes on one side of a face. After I finish with Joe's first project he wants me to do a portrait of him, his son and his dad, 3 generations of military pilots. That'll take me about a week to do in my spare time. I just keep procrastinating on this building, hoping it will just draw itself. I'll eventually buckle down and make myself do it. Maybe I'll post it here when it's done, but definitely on my art website,, Jerry is so sweet enough to do for me.

While on the subject of creativity, yesterday I thought I was being so clever. I've taken photos for a how-to blog here on making a flower out of coffee filters. Clever up to the point of realizing the girls had taken my laptop out of town with them and I couldn't upload the pictures I had just taken. They'll be back today, so I will be able to work on it soon. Then I'll have to figure out how to post photos on this website without making them appear at the top of the text. One thing at a time. It's no wonder I feel like I'm overloaded with a bunch of half-finished projects lately. I'm ready to cross some things off my to-do list!

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