Bon-Bon Apetit!

Went into town for a dentist visit, and what better way to wrap that up than with a trip to a little gourmet restaurant/shop? They were open until 6, so I figured they served sit-down food until then. Wrong! Lunch only there, the rest of the time you have to either order something from their catering service, select a pre-made refrigerated take-home container or get something from their bakery section. What's a trio of girls to do? This particular trio decided to get bon-bons! We did go with the intention of eating dinner there but since they weren't serving we wanted to get a little treat to hold us over until we could get somewhere else, decide what we wanted to eat and be served. That could take over 30 minutes and we were already hungry. When we walked in the little place the only clerk was on the phone, some other phone line was ringing and the fax machine was going off. She was obviously talking to someone who was planning a party, because she'd act like she was trying to get off the phone and they'd ask another question. This went on and on, long after we'd browsed their vast selection of pastries and chocolates and made our choices. About 10 minutes later this tall, freckled blond carrying an armload of bags blew through the door. Since she asked us, "Do y'all need help", I figured she worked there. I was thrown off by such a tiny voice coming out of someone that size. It really sounded put-on, like she was trying to imitate a cartoon lady-mouse. Surely she doesn't talk like that all the time. Maybe if you pretend you talk that way long enough it becomes habit and you don't even have to think about it. I started wondering if she was ever taken seriously. She was a little too old to still try to be working the cute angle. She was very nice, though. She even gave me a 2 for 1 on the milk chocolate praline truffle I selected for Jerry. Finally the first salesgirl was able to get off the phone and apologized. I told her she was only one person, could only do so much at once and not to worry about it. Both ladies were very nice and even though we didn't get to have a meal there, we'll stop in next time we're there during lunchtime, oh, and during the week because they aren't open on weekends. I'm beginning to think this shop is owned by someone who wanted a little business as a hobby. There are quite a few places like that around, actually. I'll see some cute shop in the middle of the day, walk up to the door only to see a closed sign hanging in the window. Really, 2 p.m. on a Tuesday and you're closed? Guess you don't need any business, then. Maybe it's something their rich spouse writes off as a tax loss. We got our box of truffles and went to meet Jerry at a restaurant that was actually serving food at 5:30 p.m. The girls pulled their dark chocolate raspberry truffles out of the box and went on and on about how delicious it was. I'm so glad they liked it. I took a big bite of mine and was a bit disappointed. I was expecting something wonderful and got mediocre. I even went by my "if it has a funny name it must be delicious" theory and selected the chocolate double love truffle. I didn't love it. Liked it, yes. I hoped Jerry's truffle was more on par with the girls' candy than mine. He bit into his and asked what the flavor was again. Poor baby didn't find any pecans in his, just the milk chocolate. Maybe that's why she gave me 2 for 1 - they forgot the nuts. She could have just renamed them and sold them at full price instead of disappointing my sweet Jerry. He said he liked it, but I could tell he was disappointed it wasn't the flavor he was expecting. Maybe I should start making truffles. I used to do it and they were pretty good, although my flavors didn't go past orange chocolate or raspberry chocolate. If they turned out well, maybe I could open a cute little shop as a hobby.

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