Calling All Crazy Engaged Women!

That should be the title for the contest that's being run by WE Television. They've decided to call it, "Search for the Next Bridezilla" instead. I guess that's pretty accurate. All you have to do is upload a video of yourself acting a fool, throwing a fit and you're in the running. I'll admit the thought flitted across my mind for a second. Not because I want to be on television, because I don't. Especially not if I'd be shown in a bad light. They love to freeze frame these girls in the most non-flattering poses. They are giving away $2500 for the winning video, though. So far the leader is a woman who has a list of folks who are not welcome at her wedding. At the top of the list are pregnant women, because she doesn't want them to go into labor and "steal her show". Also on her list are children, whom she doesn't want running around all over the place, cute girls who would detract from her beauty, and women with fake boobs. But she has a stipulation about the fake boobs. It's okay if you're married or have a boyfriend and have fake boobs, just don't come to the wedding all single with your fake boobs, waving them around at everybody. I think she was serious. Maybe it'd be funny to make a spoof tape and send it in, going way over the top. It sure seems like that's what all the women who make it onto that show are like already, though. Surely they aren't serious. Maybe they pay you more than the $2500 if you make it on the show. I really think, like most reality shows, that this only encourages bad, insane behavior. People have no shame anymore, so they don't care if they look like an idiot, or a harpy, or even a bitch. Were they just neglected as little girls, so they think any kind of attention is good? And what about the guys that see all of this insanity, fit throwing, and even are on the receiving end of verbal abuse? Why do they go ahead and marry these women? Is it because it's all an act, or are the too embarrassed to back out at such a late date? Sure, your fiancee acting evil isn't embarrassing, but dumping a crazy woman would be too much, so it's much better to just live a lifetime of suffering with this person. Imagine all the attention this woman must need on a daily basis. It boggles the mind, my mind at least. The prize money sure would come in handy for a nice honeymoon, but at what price? You go around acting like you're entitled to have people do whatever menial task you demand they do, then throw a tantrum when things don't go your way. Everyone around you will be miserable, and that makes for a horrible wedding. I think if you just try the best you can and remember a wedding is just one day things will turn out much better. And if something does go wrong, don't sweat it. Think if it as an opportunity to be on "America's Funniest Home Videos" as opposed to "Bridezillas".

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