Flowery Thoughts

The more I think about it, the more I think I'd love to have a flower girl. Some people refuse to have children in their wedding, I guess because they're control freaks and are afraid something will go "wrong". I don't think that way at all. It would be so sweet! I guess my only problem is I don't know any little girls. Erin at 12 going on 21 is past this job, although I know age discrimination is illegal. Jerry, however, does know a little girl. I hear she's just a doll and doesn't seem to be past the age limit. She's Coy's big sister, Kendall. Remember Coy? He's Jerry's little grand nephew, the one I'd like to be ring bearer, complete with superhero costume. I know that sounds like I'm joking, but I'm totally serious. Kendall won't need to dress in costume, though. I'd love to get her a cute little dress in one of our wedding colors. I understand her birthday is on the weekend we're planning the wedding. I think almost all little girls love weddings and parties, so I think she'd have a good time. I'd also have no problem getting her a little cake of her own and having a little time set aside for everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. I guess the next step will be to run this brilliant idea by Kendall's parents and grandparents and see what they think. I'm hoping this would be a great opportunity for a nice family trip. The beach is only 1-1/2 hours away from where we're having the wedding if they'd like to extend their trip a little longer than just the wedding, and it would be a perfect way for our families to meet.

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