Had to do some running around yesterday.

Had to take Marilyn back to the doctor again, and this time they gave her medicine for her symptoms. Hopefully that will keep her functioning and able to not miss any more school. Since we were out and about and Jerry's schedule permitted, we all had a lovely lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Marilyn decided she needed something called "Taco Loco". That translates to mean "crazy taco". It's crazy alright - supersized! I bet it's the equivalent of 5 regular sized tacos. Jerry said, "It looks like they took one of those tortillas they use for a taco salad bowl and made that shell." He's so observant! She was able to polish off about half of it, which was pretty good considering earlier in the day she didn't feel like eating at all. Jerry got a trio of enchiladas and I got the "Speedy Gonzalez". It was just a combo plate. I've noticed in my long restaurant experience that if something has a crazy name, it usually tastes pretty good, maybe because if you're daring enough to say the name out loud you deserve to eat something delicious. Ran by Wal-Mart after that to drop off Marilyn's prescriptions. Two drugs, both generic, and this child with 2 insurances. My total was $60! I think I saved $6 because I had insurance. I'm going to start calling it medical coupons instead of insurance. I did pick up another branch of those little baby's breath flowers I'll need to paint while I was there. I couldn't believe it, but when I was out of work the last 2 mornings I spent time sewing more of the little flowers on my dress bodice. I figured I had plenty, possibly too many. This was not the case at all. Luckily, nobody else in town needed those particular artificial flowers so there were still several branches left. That's $2 more dollars added to the cost of my dress. My intentions are to have the dress finished this weekend. I'm considering posting a picture here, but then Jerry hasn't seen it with the embellishments and maybe he'd rather be surprised. Guess I'll have to ask. I'm getting better at this asking thing.

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