One project down, one million more to go!

I hope it isn't bad luck to say that I've completed a project. I have officially made 150 flowers out of tissue paper, coffee filters, felt, buttons, ribbons or some combination of the above. If I make decorations, it won't be any flowers, but maybe huge pom poms out of tissue paper made in the same fashion. While counting I discovered the majority of the flowers are some sort of paper, which is good because they are much larger than the other flowers and will help to make the bouquets full. Although I love the way the button flowers look, it'd have taken me a lot more time (not to mention money) to have a bouquet made solely out of them. I've already added in this cost in my last recap of spending. I guess 50 flowers for me, and then 25 for both girls, my sister and then the one to toss. Does that add up to 150? I hope so, because I've told myself I've finished making flowers!

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