Don't Look!

I have a confession to make. It's the embarrassing kind, the kind you'd rather nobody know. Gonna share my story anyway; maybe we'll bond. Work has been going slowly again, so we've been told to work when it's there, be flexible, and just come and go throughout the day. I had to run to Wal-Mart because Marilyn was out of eye juice (that's what we call contact lens fluid). First of all, it's freezing cold outside lately. This skinny girl needs Cuddle Duds to keep her warm, because jeans alone just don't do the job. I search all through the closet, and none are found, even though I know I own a pair of white ones. The girls were wearing the 2 pair of black ones we have, but that last pair were just gone. Dang! Well, at least my feet will be warm in my socks and boots. But where are my boots? Why, they're off at school on Marilyn's feet! I don't like her boots - they come up to the knee and just don't look right on me. Now my wardrobe was gonna be cold jeans and ballerina flats where the entire lower half of my body will be frozen solid on the walk from the parking lot to the door. Suddenly my standards drop. It is now more important for me to stay warm than look presentable. I'm already wearing long, baggy, warm, fleece exercise pants. Guess they're staying on. I throw on the Cuddle Duds top I found and layer it with another long sleeved shirt. Then I pull some over-the-knee socks out of the drawer. Aah, cozy! I put Marilyn's Nike sneakers on, throw my hair in a ponytail, grab my super-warm jacket and head out the door. After pulling into a parking space I glance at myself in the mirror. Oh, what's this world coming to when I decide I should step out without any makeup? I walk through the store doing my shopping, wishing I wouldn't look conspicuous if I kept my hood up the entire time. I feel as though I had joined the ranks of the People of Wal-Mart. Is that what happens? Do people just decide it doesn't matter what they look like? Unlike me, they seem comfortable with their shopping wardrobes and hairstyles. At least I didn't get any pointing and staring, nor did I catch anyone whipping out their cell phone to grab a picture and post it online. Maybe I pulled off the "harried lady stopping by on her way home from yoga class" look. That's what I'm going to imagine, anyway.

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