To see or not to see

That's the question I've been pondering lately. I wear glasses to keep things in focus. I discovered I needed them in my mid 20's while driving. There was a speed limit sign up ahead but I couldn't read the speed. To be fair, it was dusk and the sign was dirty, but at the point where I could usually read those large black numbers it was fuzzy. Everything finally came into focus, it just took a little while. I can never remember if far sighted means you can see far or can't. Anyway, I can't. It isn't too bad, but stuff isn't really in focus if it's far away. I do like the look of my frames, and when I get my eyes rechecked in the spring I'll probably get another pair just like them. I just don't think I want our wedding photos to have me wearing glasses. I'd rather be frame-free. Just wear contacts is what most people would tell me to do. Oh, if only I could find a pair that didn't irritate my eyes. I hate having anything touch or even come close to touching my eyeballs. I can put on mascara and eyeliner, but when I try applying a contact lens it looks as if my hand is possessed by someone else, someone trying to force a foreign object into an eye that clearly has other ideas. Even when I hold my eyelids open with my other hand, my eye somehow manages to blink just as the lens comes in contact with it, thereby shooting the contact into the sink. After wrestling with myself for about 20 minutes, the end result is always the same - one eye is able to see clearly with the lens and the other one is fighting the irritation the lens is causing, blinking, watering, trying to focus while I feel as though an eyelash is in there trying to poke my eye out. No matter how much eye juice I apply, the scratchy feeling never goes away. I just end up taking the suckers out (another wrestling match with myself) and putting my glasses back on. So, there's my dilemma. Do I wear my glasses or attempt contact lenses? Maybe I'll just go without vision correction entirely. I can see everything close up just fine. I can even type this without my glasses and read everything on the page. I'd like everything to be in focus, though. This spring when I get new glasses, I guess I'll get the contact lens exam at the same time. That way I'll have a sample pair of contacts I can try to wear. Maybe I can keep my glasses in Jerry's coat pocket for emergencies. Otherwise, if you see me scrunching up my face I'm not trying to be cute, I'm just squinting so I can see!

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