Dressed Up

If you follow this blog, you know I've already purchased dressed for my daughters (at $10 each). They're pretty plain strapless A-line dresses in honeysuckle. That's the color; the dresses aren't made of flowers. Honeysuckle also just so happens to be the "color of the year" for next year. What were the odds of that happening? Of course, I purchased these dresses months ago, just in case you think I'm a slave to trends. I've decided to give the girls a budget of $20 each (extravagant, I know) to give their dresses a little personality. I think the first thing Erin will want to invest in is some sort of straps, or an addition to make the top not so, in her words, "boobalicious". Please note that "boobalicious" is not the same as "Bieberlicious", a word I made up to tease probably the only 2 young females who aren't infatuated with Justin Bieber. For example, we'd see a boy in the mall with that silly haircut you apparently have to swing your head all the time to make stay in place (hey, ever heard of hairspray?). I'd say, "Look at that boy. You could date him - he's Bieberlicious." I get the eye rolls and the moans and then the laughter, which is what I'm after to begin with. Back to boobalicious - that is not where she wants attention focused, so we'll be finding a way to make it more modest looking (not that it's immodest to begin with). I imagine her finding a black fishnet long-sleeved shirt and putting it on underneath, which again is fine with me. It might be cute for her to punk up the dress. That's very fitting with her style and personality. Marilyn, on the other hand, will want to glam hers up. We'll probably be adding some black lace to hers, either at the waist, along the hem or at the top. She also likes big sashes, so that might be what she ends up having. I think it will be fun for them to play designer and have a finished product that's something they could wear again.

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