Rah, Rah!

I feel like being a cheerleader today and telling Jerry what a wonderful man he is. He always thinks of me first, always cares about what I'm thinking or wanting to do. If he sees I'm having a stressful day he makes me laugh to ease the tension. I've told him that I couldn't have special ordered anyone more perfect for me if I'd had a menu to select from like they do at sushi bars where you can check off exactly what you'd like. Just last night he was my hero. Marilyn got a car that we purchased from my nephew. I wanted to take Jerry to a Chinese restaurant he'd never been to before, so I had him follow me in his car. Good thing, because he noticed one of the brake lights and the turn signals was out. I've never been pulled over (knock wood), and would hate to start now. After we ate we drove over to the Auto Zone where Jerry went in, told them what I needed, then borrowed the tools they have available and fixed my problem. I noticed that lots of people have car problems, as evidenced by the full parking lot. And it wasn't just old, beat up junkers in there getting new parts. I saw someone I went to school with who owns a new Volkswagen Jetta in the store. I overheard her talking to the clerk about how she took it into the shop like her owner's manual said and $200 she still had the problem. Even if he hadn't been able to fix the car, I hope Jerry knows how lucky I am to have him back in my life, for more reasons than there are stars in the sky.

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