I wonder when the panic sets in.

I've signed up to get emails from a couple of wedding sites. I've talked about the Martha Stewart one before; they send out a daily wedding idea about invitations, decorations, destinations, etc. I've also registered with theknot.com. They send out emails and they also have a way for you to keep track of ideas you like. You just enter in your email address, name and the wedding date and location and you're ready for your daily emails. I don't check it all the time; I wait a couple of days and then look at them all at once because more than likely I don't want to read an article about Atlanta vendors (because my hiney isn't driving 4 hours for anything I can find nearby with a little searching) or 10 Things Your Guests Will Hate You For. Okay, that's not the real title, but that's the gist of it. It seemed like the biggest gripe guests had was the couple didn't have an open bar. "How dare they think I'd actually enjoy sharing in their very special day without an endless supply of liquor!" I don't think the venue we're planning on using even allows alcohol, so if you've decided to come because of free booze, don't bother. Off the top of my head I can think of one couple who, if reading this, has just decided to send a gift instead. And that's okay with me. Go out and party afterwards if you need to. I just don't want to be responsible for contributing to a tragedy on my wedding day. The scariest thing on the entire site, though has got to be their ticker that tells you how many days you have left until your wedding. Just today it said "151", but I'm not worried yet. There have to be women out there who see that number dip below 200 and think they don't have enough time to get everything organized. And if you'd like to have a little more to panic about, try using their "To-Do List", which has about 300 things you'll need to get in order before you can possibly walk down the aisle. I'll give them credit, though. They really have thought of almost everything possible to get taken care of. Thankfully a lot of it isn't stuff I need to worry about, like finding a dress, getting the first fitting, getting the final fitting. I think the only thing they left off that list is "find time to relax."

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