Hair Brained

When I was younger and I'd do anything I considered out of the ordinary I'd worry I was the only person in the world who did that particular thing. As I got older I realized that no matter how strange your habit, you aren't the only person who does it. To prove my point, there is now actually a show on television called "My Strange Addiction". The previews alone are enough to keep me away. They show clips, for instance, of a lady driving down the road munching on a roll of toilet paper, picking off pieces and popping them in her mouth like they're cotton candy. I've heard of people that have a compulsion to eat paper before, but she decided to put herself out there and show the world. Maybe she could get professional help with the money they paid her. She'll probably just buy more toilet paper with it, though. I think a quick and easy way to get her to break that habit would be to only supply her with pre-used tissue. Another clip showed an adult woman who can't stop sucking her thumb. So, when I noticed that every time I styled my hair I would wonder if it was the look I want for our wedding, I knew it wasn't too out of the ordinary. It hasn't become an obsession because I'm not constantly styling and restyling my hair, just trying a few different things to see what the results will be, and then only when I need to style my hair to begin with. I've looked at literally hundreds of hairstyles, and so far nothing has made me say, "That's it! That's exactly what I want. I need look no further." I guess the best way to find what's right for me is to actually have the style on my own head with my own hair. I have ended up with frizzy nightmares several times, so I can check those styles right off my list. If, after a few more months of trial and error I still don't happen across anything I want, I'll do what those poor folks on "My Strange Addiction" need to do - seek professional help.

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