Treat or trick?

For a while there I was feeling pressure (admittedly from myself) to write a blog every day. I was talking to Jerry about it, how sometimes I just can't come up with anything to talk about, and he said, "Just write when you're inspired." That sounds like a pretty good idea. Takes the pressure off. I still haven't thought of anything profound to discuss, so I decided to tell a short cautionary tale instead. Jerry's been in a play, and the Friday before last I went with him and then stayed overnight at my sister's. I left the girls with Mom and made sure they had plenty to snack on. One of the snacks I purchased was dried plums (you know, they used to call them prunes but I guess it got the label of being old folks' food so they changed it). I know my children are smart, and I know they know about the power of prunes. Or so I thought. At about 11:30 that Friday night I received a phone call. "Mom, I'm sick! My stomach is messed up. " I told her to take some Pepto. "I've taken it twice." I told her maybe it was something she'd eaten. "Did Memaw take you out to get something fried for supper? That might do it." I was informed that no, they ate at home. "I ate about 6 dried plums, though," she said. I tried hard not to laugh, "That'll do it. Don't worry about the Pepto. You'll be fine. Don't you know about prunes?" "Yes, but I didn't think it would be like that!" So, the lesson here is, be specific about telling your children about the wonderful powers of different foods. She still eats them, but no more than 2 a day. "They're delicious but I don't trust them," is what she says now. And no, I'm not going to specify which child this is - they'd be embarrassed enough to know I actually talked about this at all.

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