Ribbon Princess Instructions

Here's my way of making ribbon princesses. I decided to demonstrate with Cinderella, since I needed to make another one for Erin's friend for Christmas anyway. I hope these are easy to follow. First, you'll need 3/8" ribbon in flesh color, bright blue, light blue and yellow. I also got 1/4" flesh colored ribbon for the arms (and if you're making Pocahantas, legs) because it isn't as bulky as using the wider ribbon. Also, I wouldn't recommend this as a craft for kids unless you are there to do a certain part, or you pre-cut all the ribbon and heat seal the ends yourself before they begin. That might be a better idea, anyway, so they won't see you playing with fire and think it's okay. To heat seal, and you'll need to do this on every piece of ribbon you use so it won't come unraveled, just flick a lighter and hold the ribbon near it, rotating it so as to seal the entire end. It will get hot and can burn you, so please be careful! I got some Aleen's Tacky Glue, which costs a whole lot less than FabricTac but seems to do a good job. I also use those little snap barettes to hold my ribbon together while the glue dries so I can move on to something else. The drying is the longest part of this process.

1. Cut a 3" piece of flesh colored ribbon (remember the heat sealing!). Put a dab of glue on one end and fold it over to make a loop. Secure until dry. This will be your princess's head.

2. Cut a 1-1/4" piece of bright blue ribbon. Place a dab of glue on the back of the body just below the head area and glue one end of the blue ribbon here. Put another dab of glue on the back of the blue ribbon you just glued down and wrap the ribbon around her front, securing it in back. This will make her top.

3. Cut a 1-1/2" piece of the 1/4" flesh colored ribbon. Round the edges a bit, then heat seal to make the arms. Fold this over in the middle and secure with glue. These will be the arms. Glue this to the back of the bodice.

4. Cut a piece of light blue ribbon about 1" long. Seal the ends then cut in half lengthwise and seal the cut sides. Wrap these around the top part of the arms where they meet the bodice and glue. Now you have sleeves.

5. Take 2 pieces of 3" bright blue ribbon. After sealing, place close together lengthwise, add glue to one end and fold around to make a loop. Then take 2 pieces of 2-1/2" light blue ribbon, placing on the outsides of the longer blue pieces and secure in the same place on the tops of the bright blue ribbons, making the sides of her skirt.

6. I fold the skirt so the edges of the ribbon don't show, then glue it down on the body.

7. The hair is a little involved. After sealing the end of 3" yellow ribbon, I folded over a little piece and glued it into place for bangs. Once that was dry, I tied a knot close to the bangs, then twisted it until it was how I liked it, then glued this hair into place. It held better when I clamped the bangs down in front and the back end down as well with a separate barette to get it to stick to the curve of the head.

8. Sew on a pin back or glue it to an alligator hair clip and you're finished!

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