Handy Tip for the Lazy Crafter

Okay, not much to talk about today. I've been trying to finish up my flowers. That's when I ran into a problem. The hot pink ribbon I take off of the Victoria's Secret shopping bags is always wrinkled. It's because the ends are tied in knots to secure the ribbons like handles to the bags. What's a crafter to do, use wrinkled ribbon? Nope, not me. Also, not being one who'd like to break out the ironing board and huge iron, I tried to figure something else out. I got out the hair straightener and plugged it in. After about 5 minutes I timidly ran the first piece of ribbon through it. Some of the wrinkles came out, so I did it again, this time pressing a bit harder. The ribbon was wrinkle-free! Now I can finish this project. If you try it, test it first, but it definitely worked for me.

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