Pretty, Please!

Got an update on the makeover process. Jerry and I spent some time in the mall Friday, passing time, looking around. He tried on several suit jackets. He looks so good in a suit! Okay, he looks good all the rest of the time, too, but a suit seems to, well, suit him. He'd love to try and match his suit cost with the price of my dress ($2.50), but I'm afraid he'll end up with one of those polyester powder blue nightmares from the 70's. At least when you buy a suit you can wear it more than once, so it becomes an investment as opposed to the frivolousness of a wedding gown. While in one of the big department stores, I spot my target - we'll call him Tim. He's the makeover guy I mentioned in an earlier blog. I walk up to him and tell him my story about needing foundation for an event but having no idea what's good or stays on a long time. He's not busy at all, so he leads me to his makeup chair where he cleans my chin with a cotton ball and puts on this smooth, satiny foundation. I asked if it was noticable about it not matching the rest of my face now. He says, "Of course it is! Let's do your whole face!" I'm ready. Been looking forward to him doing this for a long time. I guess I was a little reluctant to ask him, kinda like asking out the prettiest girl in school. As Tim is taking off my far inferior product, I hear a voice behind me say, "Does the purple in this quad come in a single?" Tim looks up, I see his nose wrinkle just the tiniest bit, and he tells her he has to check. I told him to go ahead and help her, but she'd walked away. I notice Jerry out of the corner of my eye chatting with a sales girl over at the jewelry counter. I just love that he can talk to anyone. I wish I had that skill. Tim gets my new fabulous foundation on, and we're giggling about how we wished there was something that made you look like your face had no pores when I hear a squeaky stroller come up on my side. It's the lady who wanted the purple eye shadow. OMG! She scared me! Her bleached blond hair was in need of a touch-up and was standing almost on end. Her face was a pasty color, I guess from a bad foundation match, her eyebrows were drawn on in a very thin line. Where she wanted to put that purple eye shadow was anyone's guess, as she had a black color smudged out to the sides, almost to her temples. She topped off her Marilyn Manson look with some black lip liner and blood red lipstick. Really, is that a daytime look? Her poor baby! I wonder if he thinks his mommy is pretty, and if so, is that going to make him be warped for the rest of his life. "I don't know why I'm compelled to date clowns!" She asks again about the eye shadow. Tim tells her it was only in the quad, so she asked about the price for a quad. After he tells her, she says, "I guess I'll just order some MAC online, then." He's so professional, he tells her they make good stuff and turns back to me, not once making a face about her look. I would have thrown her down in a chair and done a force makeover on her. As you know, I've been trying lip stains, hoping to find something that will last all day without touching it up. I ask Tim, "What's the best way to keep lipstick on all day?" He says, "Reapply it". When I tell him I guess I'll sew a pocket inside my dress so I can keep my lipstick handy, he cracks up. I tell him about the stains I've tried, and he just rolls his eyes. "Girl, don't put anything on your lips that looks like a magic marker - it's gonna dry out your lips bad! And don't wear pink lipstick, it's not for you." That's what I'm looking for, an honest opinion. He applies liner and lipstick, powder and blush and I'm ready to go. We make a list of the items he's used and he keeps it on file. Then he gives me what I came there for - a free sample of foundation. Yay! And on top of that, he says, "I'd love to do your wedding makeup, so just come see me." Wow, that's awesome! Okay, I'm gonna hold him to that. Jerry comes over when Tim's done and says he hardly recognizes me, I look so good. Teasing me and flattering Tim, he got in a 2 for 1. Then he and Tim start talking about men's products and what Jerry can use to wash his face. Unfortunately, no free samples were available. We did learn Neosporin is good for breakouts, though. As I'm getting up to leave is when Tim mentioned doing my wedding makeup. Jerry turns to him and says, "What? She's getting married? Thanks for the heads up, dude. It's good to know where I stand."

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