Nothing's engraved in stone - we don't have the right attachment.

Jerry and I hit the mall this weekend, just to do a little browsing. We've gotten the rings ordered and have decided to have a professional engraver put our initials on them. We walked into the store that does that. I believe it was called, "Here, Lemme Carve Some Letters in That for Y'all" or something along those lines. Nobody was in the store, but as we passed the lasers the bell went off and a heavy-set older lady dressed in bright pink came out from the secret room in the back. We asked the lady how they did their engraving. She gives us this blank look like we were asking her if she knew how to diffuse a bomb, so I had to ask if someone had a little hand held instrument and carved out the engraving by hand. "No, we put it into a computer and send it off and then they send it back to us. It's all done by computer, whatever you want." Great - we were concerned it was gonna look like somebody had the shakes did it and have it end up looking completely crappy, but if it's all computerized it'll be just right. Then she asks us what we want. I describe it to her, tell it that it will be carved on the top of a flat disc, and she says, "Oh, we can't do that." So, all that talk about 'whatever you want' is a code for 'whatever we want'. Then she says, "We don't have the attachment to do rings, so we couldn't do it." Attachment? You'll be carving on a flat surface, a disc, remember? I talk with my hands, so I figured my visual was enough. We thanked her and left, discussing among ourselves how confused that lady was, or maybe just lazy. Did we disturb her nap when we entered the shop? I think plan B will involve taking one of the actual rings into the store and asking if the engraving can be done on that. Hopefully someone else will be working there when we do it, but if not perhaps the visual aide will be of some assistance. Otherwise, we'll just keep looking for someone who can do the job and wants to do it.

On a brighter note, Mom gave me a $10 coupon good for anything at Kohl's. I usually don't shop there, but decided I could probably find something for my sister for her birthday and Christmas since it's a store she adores. Jerry and I browse for a while. They're having a really good sale - up to 80% off. I can't stand when a store puts up a sign with one of my favorite words, "Clearance", and the items are only 30% off. That's not clearance, that's a slight markdown. I meander over the the jewelry section, because Jill has asked for something specific. They have quite a bit to choose from and I find some things I'd wear myself (please note, if you get a gift from me and it isn't something you've specifically asked for, like Erin's Batman Converse she wants for Christmas, you'll most likely get something I also like. If you don't care for it, just give it back to me and I won't be insulted at all. To me, that's the best way to re-gift). We wait in the checkout line, and when it's my turn she rings me up, takes my coupon, then tells me, "That'll be 44 cents, please. You've saved $51.61 today by shopping at Kohl's." Heck, yes - at 44 cents total, I've spent 22 cents each for a birthday and a Christmas present for my sister! She'd be so proud. I don't think Jerry's ever seen anything like it. Of course, this morning Mom tells me she's got a 30% off card for Kohl's that she'll let me have. Dang, if I'd had that, Kohl's would have been paying me for my sister's gifts.

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