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Just started thinking about wedding favors. Never really thought about them before. Of the few weddings I've been to, I've never received any. You know what they are, right? I had to check into it as I wasn't completely sure, and when I asked Jerry, it was news to him, too. Wedding favors are little gifts you give to all of your guests to thank them for attending your wedding. It's just like party bags that are given out at children's birthday parties. New to that idea, too? I was until I had kids and Marilyn went to her first party. She left with a little plastic bag filled with pencils, erasers, candies, gum and little toys. So, in addition to feeding a room full of wild children, you had to give them all gifts, even though it was your kid's party and they were the ones supposed to be getting all the loot. I'm wondering if that doesn't stem from the same place where that group of people thought that all children should feel special all of the time. You know, don't give them a bad grade or write on their paper with red ink or you might upset them. Because, Heaven knows, there's no disappointment in the real world. Sheesh! I personally think this makes them totally unprepared for life. I believe it was said in the movie The Incredibles, "If everyone is special, then nobody is special." I make sure I let my girls know when they whine, "That's not fair!" that it's true, but life isn't fair. Now, I'm not using this as an excuse not to give out wedding favors; I just got sidetracked. But what to give? I truly have no idea. We could get those bags of M&M's printed up with our picture and wedding date, but who wants to eat our faces? And really, is a memento of our wedding something everyone is going to want to keep forever, like another knick knack on a shelf? It's nice to think so, but probably not. We'll have photographs for that. Maybe the traditional wedding candy, Jordan almonds, would be a good choice. I think they're delicious. Hopefully no guests have a nut allergy or teeth that chip easily. Some people give beautiful soaps as favors. Not everyone likes the same scents, though. And there's always going to be someone like a certain relative of mine who, although she loves soaps and perfumes and lotions, if you buy them for her she'll say, "What are you trying to say - do I stink?" Chocolates - again with potential allergies, although I would imagine a chocolate allergy is a fate worse than death. Trying to get more ideas, I googled "cheap wedding favors" (after all, if you're buying one thing for each guest, the cost is gonna add up quickly). Apparently it's a popular search, because there are tons of websites that cater to those less-than-extravagant brides. Looks like most of the stuff that costs less than $1 each are really favor boxes, though, so you'll still have to add your own treats. Guess I'll head back to the Dollar Tree again and see what they've got; maybe I'll get some good ideas. Now, as a wedding guest reading this you may be thinking you're not going to get a good gift. But really, isn't spending time with family and friends, eating good food and seeing 2 people who really love each other get married the best gift imaginable? Anything on top of all that should just be considered a bonus gift, and I think that's pretty fair.

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