Nice to almost meet you!

If you scroll down my page here, you'll notice a yellow number in a black box. That's a counter, that keeps track of how many times my blog has been viewed. Not a ton of visits, but not too shabby for only having 2 followers. The neat thing about that counter, though, is that it's attached to a link where I can go and see how many different visitors I get each day, and what part of the world they're in. It's fascinating! For instance, the other day 3 different schools hit my blog - one in Alaska, one in Chicago and one in Reno. I don't know what these kids were looking for, but if you're still in school please don't be planning your wedding yet - and don't roll your eyes at me! If you're starting to feel paranoid, don't worry about that. Although I can see what state you're in and the general vicinity, I can't see who you are or where your house is, so feel free to keep stopping by and read my blatherings. I won't even mind a comment, so long as it's nice. I'm trying to be a little more consistent with my postings now than in the beginning. I guess, like most things, this takes a little getting used to. Here's something I'm pretty curious about in regards to people who've read this. People have stopped by from all over the world - Canada, the Netherlands, Russia, Mexico, Germany, the UK, Hungary and Australia. It's so awesome! I know it's because things like weddings and saving money are universal ideas. I wonder, though, does my odd sense of humor translate? Oh, yes, one more thing. I've had someone stop by who lives in Turks and Caicos. If you happen to stop back by, please seriously consider trading letting us stay at your place for a honeymoon in exchange for some original artwork!

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