If you have your cake but don't eat it, too, just what the heck are you planning on doing with it, exactly?

I know we're planning a far from traditional wedding, from the pink dress to the button flowers to the non-church venue. I'd even like Jerry's grand nephew, Coy, to be the ring bearer and wear his Spiderman costume (although a Batman costume would be better because it would coordinate with our color scheme). But, for some reason, I really do want a nice, pretty wedding cake. And I can't really explain it, except that I like them and that's what I want to have. I didn't even really know I had my heart set on it, either, until Jerry sent me some pictures of some non-traditional cakes. These were made from stacks of chocolate Ding Dongs into the shape of a multi tiered cake. Other "cakes" were made from Twinkies. I guess it's save on the cutting slices for people as it's already in serving sizes, but ease of preparation isn't enough to sway me. And if that wasn't enough, my mother unwittingly got into the act by showing me the "cake" from a friend's wedding. It was stacks of powdered donuts. No, seriously, it was. I need to think of a way to get the cake I want without spending more than I want. I don't know anyone whose hobby is making awesome wedding cakes, I don't think. Maybe a little networking will be in order once the date gets closer. I've tried working with fondant before, and it was a bit stressful. However, since then (which was over 10 years ago), I have watched dozens of TV shows about fantastic cake makers. I've picked up quite a few tips. There are even videos on youtube that give instructions. Still, do I want to take on such a daunting task as making a huge cake days before a wedding? Maybe Jerry'd be up to helping, and we could make it a fun project. I think those cakes that look like they're slanted look so neat, and if we mess up nobody'd notice. At least we both know we like chocolate cake, so that's a starting point. On the bright side, we'd get to eat our mistakes!

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